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Dachshund Puppies Temperament Traits – 5 Tips To Good Dachshund Puppies

Dachshund puppies attract a wider variety of owners with their comical personalities. They can be known as the clowns of the family. Loyalty is key when understanding this type of breed and makes it a great family pet. Lots of attention and games are demanded by all varieties of dachshund puppies. These little dogs are […]

Puppies for adoption ? adorable puppies need home

Most of us would simply love to adopt a cute puppy at one point in time or other, isn’t it? And much to our delight, we can find plenty of puppies for adoption avenues waiting to greet us and to provide us with all details that might matter to us a lot. But you still […]

How to Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

If you are wondering how to clean dog urine from carpet then I think I could help you out. Dog urine stinks and it is a shame when it gets onto your carpet but you can definitely get rid of it too. I know because I have 2 cocker spaniels that used to urinate on […]

Puppy Care: Roundworm Infestation in Puppies

Five types of parasitic worms can be found and are common in puppies. Roundworms are the most common parasite among these worms. They usually have rounded or tubular shape bodies of about 2-4 inches. Roundworms can grow up to 7 inches in a very short span of time. The most common types of roundworms are […]

Dog Urine Smells – What to Do About Them?

If you have dog urine smells and are wondering what to do about them then I think I can help you. I have 2 Cocker Spaniels and when I came home from work I was regularly greeted with the smell of dog urine and it was so frustrating. I learned how to clean them up and […]

On the Couch? Remove Dog Urine

If you have dog urine on the couch then I feel for you. It is one of the worst places that your dog can urinate and I know from experience. My 2 cocker spaniels always used to urinate on the couch but now they know better because I trained them. So how do you stop […]

Schooling Puppies Not To Chew

If it’s an issue, you need to stop puppy biting as soon as possible. The majority of dog owners do not understand that their pup biting could cause issues later on in life with it transforming from a sweet puppy, into a hostile dog. The best time to teach a dog not to bite is […]

Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

If you are wondering how to get dog urine out of carpet then I think I can help you. My cocker spaniels used to urinate on the carpet all the time and they did nit know they were doing any harm because they were not trained yet. Anyways, I learned how to effectively get dog urine […]

Cockermouth – Cumbria – One Great Adventure

For those of you that are up for a lovely adventure, we have something in store for you. You see, we just went on a fabulous vacation to Cockermouth, which is located in Cumbria and it completely took our breath away. It has this name because of the influence River Cocker has on this town. […]

‘Tough’ Dogs and Leather Dog Collars

If you’re a dog owner, when you think ‘leather dog collar’, you are likely not picturing a Basset Hound or Cocker Spaniel wearing one. Typically, leather dog collars are worn by the large and working breeds (like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard). These dogs are generally big and physically hardy and were bred to […]

Why Do Puppies Bite?

We have all experienced it when we get a new dog. For the first day they are adorable puppies who can do nothing wrong and are unbearably cute. It is not long though until the same puppy is terrorising the household by biting people and testing their new teeth against the furniture. Training your puppy […]

Treating Parvo in Puppies

Parvo is a terrible disease which kills thousands of dogs every year. The saddest thing of all is that puppies are most likely to catch the illness. It can be very distressing to watch your young puppy go through the horrors of Parvo but fortunately there are a number of ways you can help your […]

Puppies Under the Christmas Tree

Just imagine the look of surprise and the squeals of delight you would experience if your children found an adorable, fuzzy puppy under the Christmas tree. It would truly be a moment to capture on film or video and remember for years to come. The problem is, the moment turns into years of commitment. Training […]

White Golden Retriever Puppies

Have you seen these golden beauties?? They are just plain heart-warming, sweet and quite a spectacle – even if they chew on the leather. White golden retrievers are quite unique but not rare and special as some breeders have claimed. Beware, you could be asked to pay more if you buy the hullabaloo. This dog […]

Dog Toys that Entertain Puppies

Every puppy has the same basic needs: food, water, love, and lots of dog toys. Puppies have a natural instinct to chew, and as their teeth start coming in they need to chew to relieve the pain in their gums. If you don’t have a supply of good toys, your puppy may end up chewing […]

Bichon Frise Puppies Temperament

It is crucial before purchasing a Bichon puppy to thoroughly research their known temperaments and behavior to judge whether their behaviour is suitable for the household. Different breeds of puppies will possess entirely different temperaments that are compatible with different personalities of owners and different household needs; thus, compatibility is a crucial and large component […]

Edward Faraci Sr. And His Wife Esther Faraci Train English Springer Spaniels

Edward Faraci Sr. lives with his wife Esther Faraci and son Edward Faraci Jr. in Middletown CT. He is a respected member of the Connecticut community and the members of the community look up to him. Edward Faraci Sr. was born in Middletown CT and he has been married to his wife Esther Faraci for […]

Unique Dog Training For Different Breeds

Originally, the purpose of training is to make them useful to humans, especially in activities like hunting, herding, and guarding. For the past decades, this original purpose was somewhat reformed to looking for unique dog’s size, coat and color. Every breed has its own unique behavior, and not all dogs are inclined toward training. Gun […]

Small Dog Breeds And Their Great Appeal

If the best things come in small packages, then a small dog will make the perfect addition to your family. These tiny innocent creatures will instantly win you over with their unconditional love, constant companionship and signature diminutive demeanor. In fact, small dogs make perfect companion dogs because they can always be by your side, […]

Stopping Puppies From Digging

If you want to stop puppies from digging, you have to know the purpose why dogs dig on the ground. Dogs dig because they want to look for a place where they can hide food or morsels of it from other predators. These canines would seem to be professional gravediggers, amusing guests but not you. […]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels As Family Pets

Speaking of pet royalty, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are definitely what pet lovers would consider, “the cream of the crop.” As their name suggests, even royalties of years past such as King Charles of England completely adored dogs of this breed because aside from the fact that they are exceptionally affectionate dogs, they are extremely […]

Large Domestic Cat Breeds

Cats are probably the most popular of pets nowadays. Originally valued for their inbred ability to hunt various house pests such as mice and roaches, cats also offer a warm and affectionate companionship to their owners. In 1987, cats overtook dogs as the number one pet in America (about 50 million cats resided in 24 […]